Self Mastery Key Codes (Breathwork, Cognitive Rewiring, Sound Therapy + Guided Meditation Bundle)
Self Mastery Key Codes (Breathwork, Cognitive Rewiring, Sound Therapy + Guided Meditation Bundle)

Self Mastery Key Codes (Breathwork, Cognitive Rewiring, Sound Therapy + Guided Meditation Bundle)

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WELCOME TO THE SELF MASTERY KEY CODES - These recordings are a combination of Breathwork, Meditation + Sound Therapy that will transform your mind and emotional intelligence through a series of cognitive rewiring techniques.

Each track is uniquely designed to help REWIRE YOUR NEURO-CIRCUITRY, increase your self awareness, decrease levels of stress, regulate + unlock stuck emotions & tap you into your subconscious so you can consciously construct new behaviours and habits.

We are sure you can feel it too:  we’re in a pivotal time period where we are being called to shift our awareness. We must begin to see ourselves, one another and our human experience through a wider scope--a clearer set of lenses. We are being asked to rise up and take radical self responsibility, to break patterns, to heal ourselves and build a better world. These codes serve as a tool to help you on your journey of self-discovery.

This is for you if you are:

  • struggling with self sabotaging patterns like poor time management, distractions, people pleasing, procrastination, perfectionism, comparison, body image, substance abuse
  • Looking to improve mental health and emotional intelligence
  • Repeating patterns from the past
  • Blocked by the fear of rejection or abandonment
  • Desiring to gain more confidence and clarity on your purpose and potential.
  • You have intense waves of emotions that run your life, have high anxiety & you find social interactions challenging
  • Holding a fear of the future
  • Looking for ways to manage stress
  • Desiring to get out of your head and into your body
  • Feeling like you’ll never be good enough
  • Desiring to become more present, level-up, expand your consciousness and become greater version of yourself.

*This bundle consists of 12 audio downloadable + streamable files that are designed shift the story of your subconscious that is running on autopilot. When utilized together and with consistency, you can begin to consciously construct your life and express yourself fully!

Once you purchase these files will be sent to you where you can download them onto any devices! *

It's time to end self sabotage, take your power back and be the change the world needs NOW. These Key Codes are best when utilized daily. Please do not use these while driving or when operating machinery . If this resonates & was helpful, share with your people + remember to tag BOTH @self.carecode @sola.sound (instagram / tik-tok)