Product Development + Packaging Design

Product Development + Packaging Design

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Bring your VISION to life & understand the opportunities in the market today!

This online, self-paced course is designed to equip you with everything you need to know about the product development process.

This is your chance to discover the industry secrets I've learned through 10 years of trial and error. Learn from my mistakes AND successes while building or pivoting your product.

This complete process will walk you through step by step how to take a product idea to market. It covers both starting a completely new product & or transforming an existing product and introducing it to a new market. This all-in-one product development + packaging design course includes identifying market needs, conceptualizing the product details and design, building the product roadmap, launching the product, and collecting feedback.

We cover every essential in the process to define, design, build, test, and deliver the product - Generation, Research, Planning, Prototyping, Sourcing, Costing & Commercialization.

Whether you are in fashion + apparel, beauty + cosmetics, health supplements, food and beverage - I've got you covered.

Some reasons to create your own product:

  • ensure quality + ethical sourcing
  • support your dream clients + customers with their goals
  • diversify your offerings + create additional revenue streams for yourself
  • fill a gap in the market (need x want)
  • control who you work with and how your system is designed (not stuck building a team, like in MLM's)
  • inspire innovation and positive change in the world
  • plus so much more

Course Includes lifetime access to:

  • video (8hrs)
  • audio
  • downloadable PDF's
  • plus access to discounted 1:1 consulting

It's time to get to work, bring your vision to life & secure your longterm legacy...See you on the inside!