The Kommon [Holistic Health Hub]

Coming together to Co-Create at THE KOMMON

As The Kommon's Visionary Founder, I came up with the design + concept, collecting my inspiration from the natural world which include some of my most favourite subjects - the human brain, sacred geometry, the mycelial net, the hive mentality, ley lines, our interconnectedness & the essential need for cooperative co-creation.⁠ 

The Kommon is a community focused Health + Art Hub that I Founded. It offers a space for people of all walks of life to co-create a healthier, happier human experience!

The Kommon includes a body movement boutique + yoga studio, hands on empowering workshops, a full herbal elixir/coffee menu & delicious + nutritious food that you can either grab to go or stay and enjoy!
We carry an array of NEXT LEVEL Superfood Supplements & gut supportive fermented products. Our curated space is perfect for networking, learning new skills, making progress on your goals, connecting and collaborating with like minded individuals + so much more!

You can find our eclectic space nestled in the heart of beautiful downtown Medicine Hat (622 3rd Street SE Medicine Hat AB) OR by visiting us online here