Self Discovery, Sustainability + Success on an Accelerated Timeline

I can take you from A-Z [EASILY].

I work with people who are READY to take themselves + their lives to the NEXT LEVEL. Whether you are a growing herbalist, a creative artist, intellectual entrepreneur, a badass babe, visionary, coach, healer, or something in-between - I am here to serve you by providing solid stepping stones + solutions. Let me show you how to tap into your higher functioning potential & become a Leader for a better world.

Let me show you how to make a difference in your life, your community & in the world through doing what you LOVE.

If you are ready to heal your internal sh*t, move through self sabotage, reduce anxiety, stop people pleasing, prioritize real self-care, rewire your triggers, create sustainability, connect with the natural world, boost confidence, have clarity and expand creatively - then you've come to the right place!

Dive into Self Discovery + Self Mastery with ME.

Multifaceted Mentor X Medicine Maker X Creative Founder

Katjaak Moon

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If you're serious about BUILDING a better world + becoming your GREATEST version, CONNECT with me🔑💡⚡💪🌎

it's apparent, things in our world are broken. We don't have time to play poor me. It's up to us to disrupt the "norm" & build a better world. If you're ready, let's do this.

Welcome to Kat's Creative Vortex

Work with Me

Business Development + Mentorship

Needing some support in reaching your goals? Let's connect. I can help you build both your self esteem & your brand from the base up. I'm here to speed your process up [saving you money + stress BIG time]. I will teach you how to express your brand authentically so you can make a good living doing what you're great at. I look forward to helping bring your brand vision to life and your business strategy to market!

Herbalism, Health Products + Permaculture Design

As a Master Herbalist, Certified Permaculturist & the Founder of Mutha Earth Superfood Product line, I can offer you support around your health, lifestyle + self-care practices in ways that are sustainable + the most effective. This is a no diet zone here babe - promise. It's all about bio-individuality + real lasting solutions. That being say, beyond your own personal health, if you're interested in creating a business around natural products or coaching I can help you from A-Z EASILY.

Deep Dive DIY Self Study Courses + Personalized Sessions

Say goodbye to unhealthy co-dependant coaching. DIY is a self study designed to empower you so much that you don't need to keep trying out a million more self help programs + courses. This is to provide you with a pathway to tap into your greatest potential - to be sovereign AF, claim your power + become a conscious co-creator. If you're ready to deep dive, heal + thrive, these offerings are for you.

Spiritual Mentor

We are being asked to adapt, to grow, to make really uncomfortable changes right now as individuals which can be overwhelming and a bit confusing at times. God is moving in big, NEW ways. If you are needing some guidance on how to strengthen your connection with God + tap into a multidimensional reality, I am here to help guide you through the process of ascension in a tangible, grounded way.

Creativity + Spiritual Consciousness

I believe life is ART & when we live that way, everything makes more sense. Whether you are needing some support enhancing your own creativity, in building a business around your art, expanding your businesses creative expression (branding images + language messaging) OR are looking to hire me for an installation - there are tons of possibilities here to explore! Contact me for more specific detials.

c o m m u n i t y

here, we build one another up with accountability + loving [no BS] support. Say goodbye to catty behaviour + competition. There is enough room for all of us to thrive.