Self Discovery, Sustainability + Success on an Accelerated Timeline

I can take you from A-Z [EASILY].

I work with people who are READY to take themselves + their lives to the NEXT LEVEL. Whether you are a growing herbalist, a creative artist, intellectual entrepreneur, a badass babe, visionary, coach, healer, or something in-between - I am here to serve you by providing solid stepping stones + solutions. Let me show you how to tap into your higher functioning potential & become a Leader of the New Earth.

Let me show you how to make a difference in your life, your community & in the world through doing what you LOVE.

If you are ready to heal your internal sh*t, move through self sabotage, reduce anxiety, stop people pleasing, prioritize real self-care, rewire your triggers, create sustainability, connect with the natural world, boost confidence, have clarity and expand creatively - then you've come to the right place!

Dive into Self Discovery + Self Mastery with ME.

Multifaceted Millennial Mentor X Medicine Maker X Creative Founder

Katjaak Moon

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If you're serious about BUILDING a better world + becoming a REAL Boss Babe, CONNECT with meūüĒĎūüí°‚ö°ūüí™ūüĆé

it's apparent, things in our world are broken. We don't have time to play poor me. It's up to us to disrupt the "norm" & build a better world. If you're ready, let's do this.

Welcome to Kat's Creative Vortex

Work with Me

Business Development + Mentorship

Needing some support in reaching your goals? Let's connect. I can help you build both your self esteem & your brand from the base up. I'm here to speed your process up [saving you money + stress BIG time]. I will teach you how to express your brand authentically so you can make a good living doing what you're great at. I look forward to helping bring your brand vision to life and your business strategy to market!

Herbalism, Health Products + Permaculture Design

As a Master Herbalist, Certified Permaculturist & the Founder of Mutha Earth Superfood Product line, I can offer you support around your health, lifestyle + self-care practices in ways that are sustainable + the most effective. This is a no diet zone here babe - promise. It's all about bio-individuality + real lasting solutions. That being say, beyond your own personal health, if you're interested in creating a business around natural products or coaching I can help you from A-Z EASILY.

Deep Dive DIY Self Study Courses + PSY Sessions

Say goodbye to unhealthy co-dependant coaching. DIY is a self study designed to empower you so much that you don't need to keep trying out a million more self help programs + courses. This is to provide you with a pathway to tap into your greatest potential - to be sovereign AF, claim your power + become a conscious co-creator. If you're ready to deep dive, heal + thrive, these offerings are for you.

A "Psy Session" is another key offering available for you to rewire emotional responses, create connection, experience inner healing & to help rewire your brain for better. This session is for therapeutic use only. Our team of professionals consists of an MD, a Registered Psychologist & myself, a Master Herbalist + Medicine Maker.

We will be utilizing Psilocybin Medicine in conjunction with the guided therapy to experience your full expression.

As a sitter (guide) my goal is to create and maintain a simple environment that supports inner peace. My promise to you is I will act as a sober reassuring figure in the midst of the experience. I will take care of the physical setting, monitors and manages the music, and provided a pillar of support for you, the voyager.

Spiritual Mentor + Ascension Guide

We are being asked to adapt, to grow, to make really uncomfortable changes right now as individual, to the collective. We are moving into the New Earth and there are specific steps (codes) that can really set you up for success. If you are needing some guidance, wanting to tap into a multidimensinal reality. I am here to help guide you through the process of ascension in a tangible, grounded way.

Creativity + Spiritual Consciousness

I believe life is ART & when we live that way, everything makes more sense. Whether you are needing some support enhancing your own creativity, in building a business around your art, expanding your businesses creative expression (branding images + language messaging) OR are looking to hire me for an installation - there are tons of possibilities here to explore! Contact me for more specific detials.

c o m m u n i t y

here, we build one another up with accountability + loving [no BS] support. Say goodbye to catty behaviour + competition. There is enough room for all of us to thrive.